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• Pacific Fit Camp
Monday - Thursday
3:45 - 4:45 PM
Or 5 - 6 PM     
One Month Unlimited: $130
5-Class Punch Card: $75

Small group classes of 3 - 8 people taught by a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who will help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Your progress will be monitored with tests and assessments to assure you are seeing results. Get a personal training approach for a fraction of the cost. If you come 4 days per week it's $8.12 a class!

At Pacific Fit Camp we work a different skill and different muscle groups each day to get every muscle stronger and leaner by the end of each week. No matter what your age or fitness level, you'll see results!

Monday: Run training, with abs, back - Become a faster runner!
Tuesday: Circuit Training with shoulders, triceps, chest
Wednesday: Agility Training with Legs, biceps, abs
Thursday: Triceps, chest, shoulders with Sprinting

Location: Kate O. Sessions Park

Or Call 415-823-2669 to Register!

• Post-Baby Workout

Are you out of shape since having a baby? You can improve your muscle-tone and loose some weight! Workout at inspirational locations in San Diego while getting a creative new workout each class. Your abs will get stronger and your legs firmer as you have fun too! You can expect dramatic improvements in your energy levels and self-confidence. Through Pilates-based techniques, your abs, back and whole total core will get stronger. You'll feel healthy and happy - no matter what your age or fitness level! Email to request this class.

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